Here's our wonderful whirligigs!
click image to see it's page.
We have simple stick mounts and deluxe mounts that compliment these fine 'gigs.
They are very nice and can be seen on the mounts page.

** (1) mount now included per Whirligig purchase! **

Now, let's get to business:

Pick the whirligig that will look best in your yard, garden or one you just like.
Print and fill out our easy Order Form, send it in.
Prepare for your 'gig by planting a new plant, and weeding a neglected area.
Before you know it, your whirligig will arrive and all will be perfect!
Welcome to Morningside Creations whirligig page!
Stellar Blue Jay whirligig
Lady Bug whirligig by Morningside Creations
Pink Flamingo whirligig by MSC
Quail whirligig by Morningside Creations
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Laura's working on new designs right now.
Please check back here to see our latest
additions that we'll add as soon as they are
available and watch us grow!
Froggy whirlygig on display
Bee whirligig by Morningside Creations
Dolphin whirligig by MSC.
Cardinal whirlygig by Laura of Morningside Creations
These whirligigs are all for sale. It is Laura's
passion to bring these to anyone interested in
fine American crafted items. If you'd like one,
print the order form and go from there, or use
the contact page to start the online method.
Our lovely Chicken whirligig! Excellent in large tomato gardens.
One beautiful Swan whirligig. Fly one in your yard.
Duck whirligig ready for the wind.
Our Bald Eagle whirligig. Inspirational in stature. Let one fly free in your yard.
A sassy Flying Pig whirligig by MSC.