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Swan whirligig
Price: $40.00
(your choice of mount
A beautiful Swan whirligig by MSC.
Swans are the largest bird of a species that includes geese and
ducks, and are amongst the largest flying birds like eagles, storks,
herons, and cranes. Our elegant Swan whirligig represents the
Northern Hemisphere species, which have pure white plumage. In
the Southern Hemisphere, they're both black and white. To many
the Swan represents compassion, beauty and freedom. In other
cultures, it may have other meanings. She does look great in a
well manicured lush landscape with the wind blowing at her chest,
attached to a beautiful Dual-mount, spinning on top of
your fence.
Get a beautiful Swan whirligig today!   
Swan whirligig ready to fly gracefully on your peaceful property.