Welcome to the Mounts page! We have four
    simple ways to display your fine whirligigs:
  • a stick mount
  • the Dual-mount
  • our new Deluxe-mount
  • or a bushing mount
Item: Stick mount
Free with purchase!

Painted white
Mount bushing included
Pointed end to ease installation
Various lengths

Tip: Make a pilot hole in the ground, and
temporarily remove the mount bushing
before pounding into the ground.
Sticks are a popular way to place whirligigs in your yard.
Tip of stick comes with bushing.
Pointed end eases installation. Tip: Make a pilot hole in hard ground.

Item: Dual-mount
Free with purchase

Stained and sealed base.
We designed the custom tip that mounts your
whirligig to a 1/2 inch copper pipe.
(8-12) inch post included.
Two holes drilled to mount two different ways:
or horizontally.
(4) wood screws included.
Dual-mount. Same base, two ways to position. The extra hole is our distinct mark.
Dual-mount in vertical mount mode. Attachs to the side of something.
Dual-mount mode in horizontal mode. Attaches on top of something.
Happy Swan whirligig proudly displayed on a Dual-mount.
Vertical mounting:
Mounts to side of
fence, wall or other
wood structure.
Horizontal mounting:
Mount on fence or
top of a post.
Tip: These look great
wherever you may
mount your whirligig!
Pick up an extra
Dual-mount to display
and protect your
whirligig indoors
during the Winter.
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Tip:  Before attaching screw-in type mounts,
screw in all (4) screws provided until they just
poke out. Place where it'll mount, press lightly to
make indentations where you'll drill (4) pilot holes
using a 1/8" drill bit. This will ease in installation
and provide a sturdy base for years to come!
Ladybug whirligig on a Dual-mount we designed.
Dual-mount. Easy to install, looks awesome with whirligig on it!
Item: Deluxe-mount
Free with purchase

Stained and sealed base
Custom designed tip
Functional, simple, elegant
Screws included
Made of brass, copper and wood
extention post included
A Deluxe-mount proudly posing in front of an oak tree. Looking good.
Laura's Quail whirligig nicely displayed on MSC's Deluxe-mount.
Another view of our Deluxe mount. Absolutely fabulous. Get yours today!
Last, but not the least:

Item: Bushing mount (not pictured)
Free with purchase

This method allows you to
mount into the drillable surface
of your choice.
See the oak log mount on the
Quail page.
To mount: drill correct sized hole 1-1/4" deep,
push in bushing, mount whirligig!
Contents: (1) bushing
** Price of Whirligig includes (1) mount of your
choice. You must pay for additional mounts.**