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Flying Pig whirligig
Price: $45.00
(choose a nice mount on the
mount page, included with
A Flying Pig whirligig! By Morningside Creations. Buy me today!
Here's our Flying Pig whirligig. A ton of fun with or without the
wind. The phrase "when pigs fly" is a way of saying that something
will never happen. Like "when hell freezes over". Example: (Mother
to son) "I will buy you a car just like the popular guy at school so
you can get a cheerleader girlfriend
and pay for full insurance,
when pigs fly!". Another: "I am pretty sure a big lottery jackpot
will be won with a ticket I've purchased,
when pigs fly!" Our show
customers love to comment on this 'gig. A recommendation came
from someone to put lipstick on her, and sign a former
Vice-Presidential candidates name on the rear. What do you think?
Please let us know and get your Flying Pig today!
Flying Pig whirligigs being made. Here, they're drying for another coat of clear paint.