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Chicken whirligig
Price: $40.00
(mount included!)
Garden ready Chicken whirligig by MSC.
Here's our Chicken whirligig. There's one on a stick in our
garden. He makes real good company, looks great and is
fun to watch when his eye-catching wings spin. This one is
a rooster, indicated by the comb on his head. The chicken
is a domesticated fowl kept by humans primarily as a
source of food, however they're beneficial in other ways. If
you were to have your own coop, not only could you have
farm-fresh eggs, but you'd also have excellent fertilizer for
your gardens,
plus they peck at insects and bugs on the
ground making for organic pest control. This whirligig is one
of our favorites. He will be in our garden of tomatoes next
year for sure. Order your happy chicken 'gig
Chicken whirligig on display at a craft show in Benicia