California Quail whirligig designed by Laura. See Baby Quails below.
The California Quail is a small ground dwelling bird. It's the state bird
of California. They are frequently seen our yard scurrying around,
scratching the dirt while foraging for food, or the Mothers tending to
their many little babies while in training to be big Quails. Laura has
also created a Baby Quail whirligig to compliment this one. These
whirligigs are both custom designed by Laura, and are truly one of a
kind! They are only available here and at our shows.
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California Quail whirligig with three Baby Quail whirligigs on an Oak log
*****New and now available! *****
Only from MSC!
Baby Quail whirligigs
$28.00 each
Add 1 or more to California Quail whirligig above for
a spectacular display! Our neighbor on Morgan
Territory Road created this display on a fallen Oak
log right in her front yard. It is a one of a kind display
she created, and it looks fantastic when the wind
blows (and even when it doesn't).
Order form info:
California Quail whirligig
Price: $35.00
(mount included, see mount page)
Order form info:
Baby Quail whirligigs
Price: $33.00 each
(Includes a mount, no extra charge!)
A cute Baby Quail whirligig by Laura of Morningside Creations. Her idea, her design makes it one of a kind. Get a couple to add to the California Quail at the top of this page.
California Quail nicely mounted on a Deluxe mount.
Here's a California Quail
mounted on a Deluxe mount.
We designed these mounts
to be functional, and
compliment our whirligigs
even as it weathers outdoors.
These California Quail whirligigs look great in the yard!