Welcome to the birdhouse and bird feeder page. Take care of birds here. Please enjoy our designs.
Birdhouses and Birdfeeders
by Morningside Creations
One happy Smiley-face birdhouse by MSC
Deluxe Barn Birdhouse. Our highest detailed house as of now. Just beautiful.
Birdhouse, handpainted design. By Morningside Creations, Clayton, CA
We love building birdhouses and bird feeders. We start by
running quality, hand picked wood from the lumberyard through
our planer, mark our cuts, saw those lines. Then we carefully
assemble, squirting glue and shooting brads, to hold it all
together.  We'll paint 'em, and finish with a few coats of clear
paint for durability. All with attention to detail and craftsmanship.
We are adding exciting new designs soon and can't wait to show
3 Smiley-faced Birdhouses laughing and reminiscing of birds gone by.
Yellow MSC Bird feeder. Order one today. Feed your birdies tommorow.
Green MSC Bird feeder.
Deluxe barn style birdhouses being built in our shop.
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Item: Deluxe Barn-style birdhouse
Price: $75.00
The split roof and sturdy construction
makes a great place for birds to nest.
Detailed components are sawed on
Laura's Hawk scroll saw she loves.
Item: Smiley face birdhouse
Price: $35.00
These houses will put a smile on your
face. They are quite popular and we
are happy to make these for your fine
feathered friends. They make a neat
gift. Avail:
Item: Classic birdhouse, hand painted
Price: $35.00
We love the style of this one.
Seasonally, open the clean-out door
and pull out all the nesting material.
Next year, they'll refill it to nest again.
Item: MSC Bird feeder
Price: $35.00
Available in green or yellow. Open
design for freshest seed delivery.
Keep near your birdhouses for one
happy community.
Classic style birdhouse by MSC with cleanout door opened. Clean seasonally for happy birds.
Birdhouses and feeders on display at Clayton Oktoberfest, 2009