Bee whirligig by Morningside Creations
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The Bee whirligig is one of our favorites. Like the
ladybug, bees are beneficial insects. They are very
well known pollinators. Approximately one-third of
the human food supply is dependent on insect
pollination, most of which is done by bees. Little
ones love this bee. He looks great and doesn't
sting! Another friendly Bee for your yard!
Available as a Hanging Bee whirligig, same price, same awesome Bee!
Order form info:
Bee whirligig
Price: $45.00
(mount is included!)
Order form info:
Hanging Bee
Price: $45.00
(chain included)
Winning Bee whirligig and Dual-mounts on display
"I've been chosen to be the display
whirligig for our Dual-mount photo
shoot!  You can see this beautiful,
functional, sturdy base on the
Mounts page. It's an honor to serve
my fellow 'gigs on display this way!
I hope to 'bee' in your yard soon!"
I like to hang around sometimes!